Trusting your Instincts

A lot of people talk about trusting your instincts when taking a risk, but what about when you pass on a opportunity.  I was given an opportunity of a new role with another company last week, that allowed the opportunity to join a journey at the beginning and help build something over the next few years.

My head told me this was a great opportunity and something I should take.  The companies were keen to recruit me, offering me a significant increase in my salary and were willing to wait for me to serve my notice.    However for some reason despite an awful lot of pro’s and very few negatives, it didn’t light any fire inside of me, and my instincts send to pass.

I may regret the decision in a few months or years, and I wont know if it was the right call and still don’t.   However it feels that this was probably the right call on more of a personal level rather than a professional level.   There was the chance of travel to the US and Europe as part of the role and with a young family this isn’t the time for this.   A few years ago i flew with work almost 20 times in a year and it was hard going before the kids, being tired at weekends so to do this now would be really hard.

I think overall you have to go with your gut and if it doesn’t feel right you have to take your chance, and something you may never know if it was the right call.