September Fixtures

I have today recived my fixtures for September. How things stand I currently have two free satudays, wonder how long that will last (lets hope not long)

9th Loughborugh Dynamo vs Market Drayton in the MFA
12th Moor Green vs Hinkley in the Conference North
16th Thurnby vs Ayelston Leicestershire Senior League
20th Buxton vs Belper Northern Premier Div 1
23rd Ellistown vs Barrow Leicestershire Senior League

Im pleased with these games. Its allways good to get a Conference North game and Moor Green play at Solihull which is lovely ground. Also to get a game in the MFA is a honour as last season this was a Contrib league and this would have been a game I would have been assistant on.

So so far I have 5 games with two Saturdays free, going to be a busy month.

Plus to add in to this on the 10th I am running in the Nottingham Half Marathon!

One of those nights

Had my 2nd middle of the season tonight. An entertaining game with Bardon winning 4-2 despite losing 2-1 at half time.

I’m not to happy with my overall performance tonight. I seemed to be mentally a yard of the pace. Fitness wise i was fine, but positioning i was poor. I was reading the play well but wasn’t getting in to the right positions for the 9 on 5’s.

I ended up with 2 cautions one for delaying the restart, I had spoken to him two minutes prior regards dissent. Then another 5 minutes later for dissent.

I think to be honest my problem was I was mentally tired. Ive had a lot going on at home this last week with decorating and some house problems where things have decided to go wrong. Last night pulling a carpet out of the lounge at midnight didn’t really help.

At least its early in the season and there is time to make amends.

Interesting Idea

Just been looking through some other blogs and found this site. It was a project that has been put together to use SMS (text messaging) technology for appointing officials to basket ball games. Quite a nifty idea.

Warning though a lot of its in Norwegian

FAMOA Development Day

Ive today attended the FAMOA development day held at Holmes Park in Leicester. It was an excellent day with some interesting topics covered.

The day started around 10.30 with a talk from the Chief Exec of the County FA and the chairman of the disciplinary committee. They covered the process and some interesting stats on the numbers of cautions etc. Also what was interesting to learn is that Step 6 leagues and above leagues can not appeal against dismissals UNLESS they have video evidence.

This then was followed with a talk from Keith Hill on player management. This was a good topic and was kept fun and quick moving. Keith showed some clips and we talked about the different methods of communication used. It gave me some good food for thought and I’m looking forward to trying some of the techniques on Tuesday night.

Following lunch we split into three groups and moved into three workshops. The first I went to was on diet & nutrition. This was interesting and talked about hydration and what is best to eat before a game. There was lots of interesting scientific facts quoted, the most interesting being for 1% fluid loss your heart beats 18bpm faster, but actually pumps less blood!

The second group was one on dealing with confrontation. They talked about what causes confrontation and how we can handle it. Causes include bad positioning etc.

The final session was Assistant Refereeing. They set up 3 scenario’s and we talked about what process we would go through. What was interesting was that in my group we have a football league assistant who disagreed with what the instructor’s were telling us. To be honest I agree with him 100%. The main area was that they wanted the Assistant to signal with a wave in the air before a free kick around the 18 yard box was taken. We argued that there was no need for this as you should be ready and facing the play and there is no need for such a signal. Also if you did signal like so Mr(s) Assessor would pick this up. In the end we agreed to differ.

It was a good day, but to be honest he disappointing thing was the attendance. There was only 45 attendees. Out of this 45 there was two level 3’s and four level 4’s. This was very disappointing give the number of officials in the County and especially at Level 4 and above. I’m sure the County will be disappointed by this.

Famoa Day

I have a FAMOA development day at County tomorrow. I’m thoroughly looking forward to this and will report back on the day.

First Game Two Reds

Refereed my first game since April today. Throughly enjoyed it, with the exception of the 10 minute downpoor in the first half that left me soaked. Luckily i predicted it and brough a second kit, so was nice and dry in the second half.

The game ended 1-0 to Stapenhill through a first half goal. It wasnt the best game in the world, typical for an opening game really. I dont think I could have given more than 10 free kicks in the first half, which was ideal as the game lacked any real flow without me stopping the game.

The second half didnt really improve although I had a little more to do. Ten minutes in the second half I had to caution a Birstall player for trip. It wasnt a particulary bad challenge, however it was his second on the same player inside the second half, so thought thats enough of that.

In the 73rd minute the ball broke on the edge of the Stapenhill box. A Birstall player then lunge’d two footed in an attempt to win the ball. Luckily I was no more than 10 yards form the incident so managed to difuse the situation, then dismisesd him for Serious Foul Play. I have to say no one really complained. There was some moans over the Stapenhill Number 3 who had ran in. However to be fair that was all he did, Run.

Then in the 85th minute more was to come. A Stapenhill player was running through with the defender chasing after the ball. The keeper came out to kick the ball, however the Stapenhill player pushed him straight in to the goalkeeper who kicked him in the face. Again I was in a good position so signalled straight away for the trainer. Now It was clearly a delibarate push but did he mean to push him in to the goalkeeper, if so what action would i need to take?

Well it was irelevant as following a comment by the goalkeeper he turned around an called him a Fat C*&t. So that made life easy and he was dismissed as well. The player wasnt heavily concused and it took a good 5 minutes for him to leave the field of play.

When we ended the game I was expecting some grief, however not a single negative comment, which was pleasing and hopefully meant the players and officals understood the reasons behind the decisions.

Wet One

Who would have thought on the 18th of August id be sat here at work wondering if I will need my waterproof jacket tommorow! What happend to that hot day on the first day of the season!