Go Pro meets Hot Wheels

As a kid i used to love playing with my Hot Wheels track and remember having to fasten it to a door to make the drop.  I remember at school using it for a science experiment to see how the angle of the track and weight of cars affected the speed.  Looking back I’m quite impressed with my 10 year old self.   Note to self that maybe an experiment with my kids!

This in mind I loved this video today that someone has put together using Hot Wheels and a Go Pro camera on a car.

Bobsleigh – My new secret vice

A few days ago I was randomly flicking through the channels at home and came across the bobsleigh on Eurosport.  Now this is a sport that only comes into my conciseness when the Winter Olympics comes around and when ever Cool running is on TV.    However as my little boy was watching as well I kept it on a little longer and found myself getting hooked and encouraging each competitor to go faster that the previous competitor.   The more I watched this, the more I appreciated the technical side that the athletes have to take into account when travelling at high speeds.

This is Water – David Foster Allen

I came across this video by  David Foster Allen this morning when reading an article on lifehacker and it was referenced in best bits of advice the writer had received.  It talks about the power of choice,  The best thing to do is watch the video, its great mind food.