iOS 10.3 Beta and MDM Solutions

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A few months ago I decided to enrol my work Iphone into the Apple iOS Beta Programme.  This would allow me to catch any gotcha’s that would potentially cause us support issues when it became available as the updates become released.   A couple of weeks ago I upgraded to iOS 10.3 beta when this became available, and upgraded with no issues.

Our work iPhones and Ipads are enrolled into an MDM Solution (Mobile Device Management) which we use for controlling apps, pushing out content and recovering lost devices.   So fast forward to the next day and the MDM solution had decided to un-enroll my Iphone and block it from our MDM Solution, effectively blocking it from our network.

Despite many attempts I couldn’t get the device to re-enrol, so had to manually setup email, WiFi etc.  Not a big pain for now.   The issue it appears is down to Apple changing the file system used on iOS devices as part of the update (APFS), the MDM Solution then see’s this as a not expected file system and so blocks the device.   Now this update isn’t well communicated on the release notes, but if you read the blogs it has been talked about.  I was aware of the change, but didn’t appreciate the impact it would have with the MDM Solution.

Certainly something to watch out for and a reason I like to test these things ahead of time.