Knee Problems Again

No one ever said it was going to be easy.  A few weeks ago I had a nice run of getting running again and was getting back in to the rhythm and habit.  I was feeling comfortable and my knee was feeling solid.

So fast forward to now and I today have been refereed for Physio again.  It started a couple of weeks ago with tightness around the knee, and last week peaked with it giving way and also being in that much pain, I nearly couldn’t drive on Saturday.

The theory is that the strength exercises I am doing are correct and working towards building the strength.  however there is an underlying lack of mobility within the leg which is causing an excessive tightness.   I have been doing foam rolling and stretching but this isn’t enough and so I have today been refereed for physiotherapy.

It’s all a bit frustrating but I would rather nip any problem in the bud before I get another dislocation.